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~Blue Christmas~

I'll have a Blue
Christmas without you
I'll be so blue
thinking about you

Decorations of red
on a green Christmas tree
Won't be the same dear,
if you're not here with me

And the when those blue
snowflakes start fallin'
That's when those blue
memories start callin'

You'll be doin' all right,
with your Christmas of white
But I'll have a blue,
blue, blue, blue Christmas

(words & music by Billy Hayes - Jay Johnson)

<bgsound src="blu.mid">


The source for the "floating snowflakes" came from Dynamic Drive.
Their link is below.

Dynamic Drive

I always try to give the proper credit for all graphics, poetry, etc.
on all of my webpages. If I've missed anyone, my sincerest
apologies to you and if you would be so kind as to
e-mail me, I would promtly see that you receive the credit due
or remove the item, whichever you'd prefer. Of course,
I'm hoping you will graciously allow me to use them .
Thank you and God Bless

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