Christmas Thoughts

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
And on goes the story about Christmas Eve
And the jolly old man in whom we believe

Have you even wondered how Santa came to be
So important to Christmas and to you and to me?
Well, it all began a long time ago
The night before Christ to earth was to go

All prepared to make Christ's birth well announced
With angels and music and anthems pronounced
But alas, all had forgotten in the final rush
How to make Christ's birthday remembered to us

The kingdom was searched for the most excellent plan
That would help us remember God's gift to man
A saintly old fellow, so jolly and gay
Came up with the best plan that was offered that day

He said, "Send a fellow each year at this time
Who would help people be happy and comfort their minds
He could help man remember that God loves us so
By bringing presents to both friend and foe

"He would show by example that true love and joy
Come only when shared with each girl and each boy"
Heaven decided that Santa's plan would be just right
And Santa was asked to play the part that very first night

So from the first Christmas right down to today
When one heard the bells jingling and saw the big sleigh
They knew it was Santa making his way
To remind the world of the love Jesus gave

So, this night before Christmas when you hear Santa come
Remember he's doing it for the love of God's Son
Remember that he teaches as did Christ of old
That to give of one's self is more precious than gold

~David M. Steed~

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