What Will You Name Him?

What will you name Him...this Child in a manger?
What will you call Him...your cherished Gift of God?
Others have named Him...from long, long ago.
Others have told you...just listen and you'll know.

A Sprout of David is planted...Jeremiah 33:15
the Root of David grows...Revelation 22:16
your Holy Servant is born...Acts 4:30
a Tender Shoot develops...Isaiah 53:2
and comes forth as the Perfect Man...James 3:2
my Servant walked this earth...Mark 9:35
a Friend of sinners is He...Matthew 11:19
my Refuge lived His life...Isaiah 25:4
as a Teacher of all that is right...John 3:2
my Master was perfect for me...2 Timothy 2:21
your Mercy in time of need...Psalm 79:8
the Light in this dark world...John 1:5
as your Way through uncertainty...John 14:6
your Saviorbids you listen...John 10:27
your Shepherd wants to guide you...Psalm 23:1

I know His name...this Sinless Infant in a stall.
I know His name...this Baby born for us all.
Let's call Him Christ...our King and our Lord.
Let's call Him Jesus...the Child by all adored.

~Author Richard Diener~

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