Isn’t He The Reason

They want to take the name of Jesus
Out of this festive holiday season
But if they take out his dear name
For this holiday there is no reason

For it was set to honor
The date of his dear birth
And it gives to us who believe
A joy down here on earth

We’re violating their rights
The non believers seem to say
But shouldn’t we be given
A right to worship as we may

This great country was founded
On the words “In God We Trust”
Now they’re taking those rights away
And grinding them into dust.

It seems we try to satisfy
Those whose numbers are very few
It’s really time to say to them
Our beliefs, yes, they count too.

For we believe in God our Lord
And the night of Jesus birth
We’ll offer praises up to him
While we remain here on earth.

We’ll not force our beliefs on you
And you, please do the same
Allow us our freedom to worship
And to praise his holy name.

We feel our lovely manger scene
We have the "right" to view
You can turn your eyes away
If it's abhorrent to you.

And when you take "our" rights away
To say our prayers in school
You're violating our beliefs
Forcing us to live by your rules

These beliefs that we are governed by
Have stood for generation after generation
And now because some don't believe
They're trying to change this nation.

So whether you believe in God or not
We respect that it's your choice
But as a Christian in this land
We should also have a voice.

It seems that we outnumber you
So why are we "giving in"
And to allow the ones who are quite few
To change our laws, it is a sin.

Yet we will live quite peacefully
Right here, close by your side
And we'll allow you your beliefs
Just ours, don't make us hide
When our days on earth are over
And we’re gathered up above
We’ll pray you’ve come to understand
The greatness of his love.

So to God we give all glory
And as Christians we will say
May we never forget the reason
We celebrate each Christmas Day!

Written on December 6, 2003
© Vi-Linda Kitchene

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